Private health insurance in Spain

If you are a newcomer and looking for a quick option to get access to healthcare, private health insurance should be considered as an option. The Spanish insurance market offers a large variety of health care insurances, but not all of the insurance companies have own facilities like hospital and smaller clinics.

A company worth considering is Sanitas - with its large network of hospital, medical clinics and dental clinics, it offers and incredible selection of services at generally affordable prices. 

Contracting an insurance

First important point when contracting an insurance is to estimate your needs and manage your expectations. Carefully evaluate the advantages of each plan that Sanitas offers. Basic plans are relatively cheap (about 20 EURO/month) and cover basic medical procedures. They also might have co-payment option starting to charge you after 5th visit with a small amount (about 2 to 5 EURO/visit). More comprehensive plans cost more (50 EURO or more per month) but you have additional options included and there is no co-payment, regardless of how many visits you have throughout the year.

You can contract an insurance in various way - over the phone, over the internet and directly in a office. Generally administrative staff speaks English and it should not be a problem for you to sort out the details. In addition all documents that you are going to receive will have an English version to help you better understand your coverage and rights.

Using the services

After completing your contract, you will receive by mail your plastic Sanitas card (tarjeta). You need to present it each time when you attend a clinic to be identified. Receiving the card might take up to a couple of weeks, but meanwhile you will be e-mailed a temporary card that you can print and use in case of a need.

Requesting appointments with doctors is very easy - you can do it via the web site of Sanitas or using an application on your phone. The process is straight forward: choose the type of specialist you need to see, choose the medical facility and select an available appointment. At the date and time of the appointment just present yourself together with your Sanitas card at the reception of the medical facility to be served.

In case of emergency, you can go directly to the nearest Sanitas Emergency Room to be attended right away, again presenting your customer card.