Expats guide and experiences for life in Spain

Kingdom of SpainSpain is an attractive destination for people from allover the world. The coastal line with its beaches, nice weather and great food is a favorite holiday destination for millions of tourists. Some of these tourists decide to make this wonderful place their home. If this is the case with you, then we will give you some advice on how to handle all formalities that you will encounter during your life in Spain. There would be many challenging activities that you would encounter. Some could look like mission impossible, but with a little bit of research you can easily overcome all administrative formalities.

Administrative formalities

Administrative formalities

Before you can fully enjoy your new life, you need to carry out some administrative formalities that will legalize your stay in Spain. These procedures differ for EU and non-EU citizen, and examples here are covering scenarios in which you hold an EU passport. Read more here

Finding home and contracting utilities


Finding a nice home is always a challenging task, no matter if in your own country or abroad. But being abroad makes this task even more difficult. Without speaking the language at a desirable level, this task can become a real nightmare. Check out guide on property hunt.



Even if you have the  best food and weather, you might get sick and need medical attention. While Spain has a very well developed state health care system, with state of the art facilities, you might not be eligible to full health coverage. Find out healthcare options that you have.

Working in Spain

Work in Spain

Finding a job to work for someone or starting your own business - no matter which option you choose, you should be aware of some formalities that might save you a lot of head-ache. Check our resources related to working in Spain.

Assistance and more information

As we are based in the Comunidad Valenciana, we can assist you with many topics related to your move to Spain, all administrative formalities, finding a home or renovating your home. Please feel free to use our contact form, describing your situation and leaving contact details. We will get in touch with you shortly.